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Meet Christee, Vallivue High School Senior, class of 2016. She loved choir, math, Kit Kats, and Sprite!

As you can see in some of her photos it rained on the day of her photo shoot. Most girls would run for cover. Not this girl! She embraced the rain and laughed her way through it.

We ended up calling the shoot when it got a bit too dark, due to the grey clouds. She was more than willing to come back a few days later when the sun came out!!!



I’ve had quite a few people contact me recently about wedding albums and how I design them.

What better way to tell you about them than to SHOW you some of my favorite pages from Lexie and Morgan’s album.

Lexie and Morgan were married at the Two Rivers Club House in the Two Rivers Subdivision in Eagle, Idaho.
Lexie’s dress is from Treasures in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Flower designer was Diane Torell.


Oiyyyy – it’s been a crazy busy fall. I KNOW that I need to update my website, but I much more enjoy taking pictures. I’m hoping that I can update in December when I take the month off of shooting.  For now, here are some sneak peaks to wet your appetite.


It’s probably not too good for business to admit this, but I don’t take very many weddings. I can usually tell within the first few minutes of a consultation between the people who want to GET MARRIED and the ones that want to BE MARRIED.

The ones that want to GET MARRIED are all about the party; the dress, the hair, the shoes, the flowers. I am not interested in those.  The ones that want to BE MARRIED are all about their relationship and creating an eternal family.

Alex and Savannah want to BE MARRIED. You can feel it immediately. They laugh, they kid, they love, they enjoy life – together.

Savannah will dance as part of the BYU Cougarette Dance Team for the fourth year in a row. Her biggest fan will be in the stands at every game. Alex will continue with his school work this fall with his biggest fan by his side.

I can not wait to photograph their wedding at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There, they will be joined as husband and wife for eternity.

And if their engagement session is any indication, it will be an eternity filled with laughter. Congratulations!


Provo engagement session long boards

Provo canyon engagment session longboardsengagement provo canyon longboard


Mike and I had a quiet 4th of July. We ran a few errands, repotted some tomato plants (please don’t let them die), and hung some festive red, white and purplish blue flowers on the front porch.

We had planned to watch a movie, but couldn’t resist going outside when we heard our neighbors out front with their kids.

One look at the sparklers and I ran inside to get my camera. We had SO much fun and I was so glad that they weren’t upset that we crashed their party.

I hope that you had a fabulous holiday with your family. Happy Independence Day!

4th of July Fireworks sparklers