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What is that sets you apart? Is it your love of a sport? Your hobby? Your instrument? Is it the way that you met your future husband? Is it the way that your family plays together?

What sets me apart is the need that I have to show YOU off.

The biggest compliment that I get from clients during their consultation is that they came to me because they had loved the photos that I took of one of their friends – and that the photo captured who they were and their love for ________. WOW – that means that I have accomplished what I set out to do!

My love for photography started when I was a young girl. Unfortunately, it took me quite a while to get some professional training. I started my first college photography class when my youngest child went to first grade. He is now in college.

I used a medium format film camera for my first few years and developed and printed all of my work in my darkroom. When the digital world caught up with what I could do with film, I made the s

I now use a Canon 5D mark IV and two Canon 5D mark IIIs with a variety of lenses, flashes, and studio equipment. I will often tell my brides that when I come to their wedding, I bring along over $30,000 worth of equipment. I’ll have a little less than that at your senior session. 

We built our home on 4.5 acres on the Boise River and I have my own private studio build into the house. This means that if you choose to have your session on my land, we will not be interrupted, and you won’t see 100 other people with the same photo – it’s just for YOU.

Some facts about me:

* I am originally from Argentina, and I have lived in Idaho, New Mexico, Utah, Canada, Los Angeles, and Boston.


*I have four amazing kids and an incredible husband.


* I have been the mother of the bride twice. That means that I “get it”. I certainly appreciate things about your wedding day, like getting shot of guests – they might be the bride’s youth leader, or the groom’s baseball coach. 


* I like chocolate almost as much as I like to travel.


* I LOVE to capture what is unique and individual about YOU.

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