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Life Stories – an hour on Tuesday…BYU Broadcasting’s Sports Nation

Meet Jacob, our son.

In high school, Jacob dreamed of taking the broadcasting class at Eagle High School. Unfortunately, he hadn’t signed up for the class his freshman year and things were not looking good. BUT…Jacob is quite persuasive, and his easy smile got him into the class as a sophomore.

Usually, this would mean that he would be behind. We saw him work hard, volunteer to video more than his share of games, often times edit late into the night, and also take on assignments that no one wanted.

Not one to brag, we didn’t realize until the awards assembly (at the end of his senior year) that he was asked to be the President of the Broadcasting class.

All of this experience made it possible for him to be hired on as a technical director at Brigham Young University Broadcasting a month before starting his freshman year. He is now a Junior and has moved up to Directing as well as Technical Directing.

On Tuesday, Mike and I were able to watch him direct AND technical direct Sports Nation on BYU TV. We could not believe the fast pace of putting on a program like this. It is simulcast to BYU Radio, and things were hopping!!!

Honestly, I found myself holding my breath a few times. Things don’t always go smoothly. People don’t show up when they are suppose to. Graphics freeze. Computers lock up. Through it all, Jacob stayed calm and worked his magic. You would have never known about any of the issues if you weren’t in the room with us.

I hope that you will enjoy an hour of our day. I can’t believe what this boy does on a regular basis.

BYU Broadcasting behind the scenesBroadcasting BYU

It takes the entire team to put on a show like this!

It takes the entire team to put on a show like this!

BYU Broadcasting


And…that’s a wrap!

After the show, we got to spend a few minutes talking to Spencer Jordan of Sports Nation.

Can you tell which one of the props on the desk was my favorite?

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