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Signing Day! Eagle High School

As I drove to Eagle High School for Qarli Stone and Luke Leonnig’s big day, I could only imagine what their parents were feeling. All of the hour of driving their children to practice. The sprained ankles, the banged up knees, the special diets, the shoes, the uniforms, the doctor visits. The games where they watched their children succeed and sometimes get hurt. The joy of watching them do something that they so enjoy. What a long journey.

And as for the athletes…the hard work, the practices, the sheer determination that it takes to get your body into THAT kind of condition. The kind that propels you to the top of your game – so much so that a university wants you to play for them – to represent their school – to do what you love only at that next level.

With as many student athletes as I photograph, you would think that I’d have attended signing day before. Nope. Not until today. And what an amazing experience it was!!!

Congratulations to Qarli Stone who will be playing Soccer for Troy University in Troy, Alabama, and to Luke Leonnig who will be playing football for Oregon State University inĀ Corvallis, Oregon (he’s a 5th generation Beaver!!!). Well done!!! We are so proud of you and can’t wait to follow you on to your next adventure.

A special note to Luke: Only YOU, my dear, could get this BYU/BSU fan to root for the Beavers! You go!!!!!

Oregon StateLuke Leonnig Signing Day 1
Oregon StateLuke Leonnig Signing Day 2